Our chilli peppers are carefully grown in private island fields, surrounded by olive trees and soaked in the Hvar island sun where we hand pick them and manually process them to create the products you are about to enjoy.


Originating from Mexico, Jalapeno is well known for its green color and long shape. Jalapeno peppers are mild and graded from 3 500 do 8000 SHU.

These green beauties are used to slightly spice up your dish but still to be enjoyed by most. They are terrific for sauces, Mexican dishes and they go oh so well with your margaritas J

Jamaican Red Hot

Jamaican Hot Red originates from Jamaica and has characteristic of its red color and 2 to 5 cm size. They are moderately hot between 100.000 and 200.000 Scovillea. They are used for sauces, meat dishes and like for its specific flavor.

Red Habanero

Typical ripe habanero pepper is 2 to 6 cm long and it is said it originated from Cuba. Most of the time they are 200.000 – 300.000 units on the Scovill hotness scale.

It is mostly grown in Mexico and Yukatan where up t0 1500 tons are grown yearly, but it’s also nurtured in countries like Belize, Costarica and parts of the US. Its very special taste makes it a quite popular in sauces and many other dishes.

Bhut Jolokia

Also known as the Ghost pepper, originating from the northeast of India and rated with 1 000 000 SHU, this beauty used to be the hottest pepper in the world from 2007 to 2011.

It’s shiny but bumpy in surface and around 4 -6 cm x 2.5 cm in size. It’s very popular in the kitchen because of its unique taste and extremely rich aroma.

Carolina Reaper

Currently the hottest pepper in the world, rated with an average of 1 569 300 Scoville! Some of  them had up to 2 200 000 Scoville- that’s just madly hot! Its original name is not as catchy- HP22B and it was grown initially in South Carolina in the US.

You will recognize it by its signature tail on the top, and if  you taste it without food, no doubts you’ll remember it for a lifetime!